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My name is Leona. I am a personal growth and mindset life coach. With me as your life coach you can uncover the best parts of yourself and develop a better relationship with yourself and learn to think in a more positive way. Discover a new you! 

My Story

I'd like to share with you a little bit of my backstory. 

I was raised in a very poor city with a lot of violence. I had a great mother but she was very young and still learning, she was still in high school, so I was raised by many babysitters and grandparents. In childhood despite my moms best efforts I suffered a lot of abuse, physical, sexual, emotional, and mental. I had worked for every job category that I could try to figure out who I was. Through doing that I learned a ton of skills. Although my past wasn't very sparkly it did not stop me from helping others, keeping my spirits up or chasing what I want in life. At a young age I had already discovered I was very different from those around me and I was always consulted by friends for help, they wanted to understand how I could possibly be happy and live in the moment with everything that was going on so I taught them. Fast forward a bit and I am a mother of 2 girls, business owner and still helping as many people as I can to discover the best version of themselves.

Did my story resonate with you? If yes then I'm probably the coach for you. There are many coaches out there but all our stories are different so find the one that calls to you. You are amazing and I want everyone to see it!


I'm always looking for new people to help shine Let's connect.


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